Release Notes / ChangeLog

See also: 5.99 Beta

2018-03-31  6.0  Codename: Lorem Ipsum

* NEW: Added blue "Ready" color theme (see Feeds or Notepad settings)
* Allow bigger (huge) font size in editors
* Feed Filters Dialog: Adjustable preview panel width
* Search Dialog: Adjustable preview panel width
* Fixed article links in some Atom feeds
* Fixed red toolbar lines in "safe mode"
* Fixed sometimes missing Ctrl+Shift+T menu shortcut
* Fixed: Month Calendar: Always show selection border
* Fix regression in Look and Feel plugin loading
* Fix regression in multiline plugin descriptions displayed incorrectly
* Console: "history" command now also clears the related auto completion history
* Minor UI updates/bugfixes


* Make greyed-out tasks slightly more readable
* Do not replace tabs with spaces on plain text paste
* Repeat Rule: Do not show confirmation window if confirm option is turned off


* Exclude "nbproject/private" directory from plugin source package
* Do not include source code in Javadoc output (much smaller size)
* Cleanup Help menu


* Fixed "ant error-prone" command
* Minor code cleanup
* Code stats before and after cruft remove:
  - 5.8.x: 233136 LOC | 938 .java files | 4,0M makagiga.jar
  - 6.0.0: 192275 LOC | 676 .java files | 3,5M makagiga.jar