Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2017-04-24  5.8.2

This update contains mostly a minor bug-fixes only.

* Fix crash when opening some URL links
* Show a notification with info that Mac OS X is not fully supported
* Fixed parsing of some malformed RSS feeds
* Windows: Fixed Alt+1 hints in tabs
* Fixed crash in Find (Ctrl+F) panel after "Clear" button click
* Help: Remove wrong "Full Screen" info from the shortcuts list
* File Delete Confirmation: Sort items alphabetically in proper order
* Windows: Security Manager: Block access to the "security.xml" file
* UI: Less distractive default tags/category colors
* UI: Rename "Edit Categories..." menu item to "Settings"
  to better reflect the functionality
* Fixed export to OPML
* Fixed: Loosless GIF-to-GIF and JPEG-to-JPEG image export
* Upgraded bundled JRE to version 8u131
* Enable "unlimited" crypto by default (requires Java 8u152 or Java 9).
  This should fix "handshake_failure" errors when connecting to some servers.
* Minor UI tweaks
* Source: Remove "make dist" and "make install" (use "ant dist" instead)


* Do not autohide notification window if a new task alarm just appeared
* Fixed searching for Repeat Rules
* Export to HTML: Escape XML characters in Summary column to avoid malformed HTML

Color Chooser:

* HTML tab: Allow values containing leading or traling whitespace
* HTML tab: Do not crash if RGB color value is less than 0 or greater than 255
* Disable screen color picker on Wayland (may crash application)